In 1928, Merle Norman decided to do what made herself and others happy.
She started the Merle Norman brand in her kitchen.
She blazed a trail that gave strong, independent women everywhere the courage to reach for the stars.


In 1968,  my grandmother in her mid forties, decided to follow her dreams and opened her first cosmetic studio.  She began with just three girls and a passion to empower women.

As her grandchild,  I saw things from a little girl’s point of view.  I watched women come in the studio to connect; talking, laughing, crying and sharing in each other’s lives.   That experience left a lasting impression on everybody involved,  including and especially myself.

I was immersed in the culture and knew what I wanted to do with my life.  Officially I started in the salon in 1984 living what I had seen. In 1996, my role in the salon shifted and I had to take up the mantle of leadership. I became the embodiment of my grandmother’s vision. My grandfather, Bud Clayton, was by my side for 16 years.  We enjoyed watching our clientele grow,  as well as growing ourselves along with the community.  We expanded operations, adding products and services throughout the years with the solitary goal of  making women feel beautiful inside and out.

I am proud to currently have staff of 14, including some my grandmother hired. We have recently completed renovations. Some of the new features include:

  • 2,500 square feet
  • 3 treatment rooms
  • 5 nail tables
  • 3 pedicure stations
  • 4 make up artistry tables
  • 6 salon chairs

I stand here today, very much that same little girl that watched her grandmother.  I honor and carry on her tradition. My goal is for you to immediately feel welcomed and a part of the family when you enter our shop.  My team and I are ready to take care of  your health and beauty needs.